What is Digital Certification?
Digital Certificate is the identification of a person or legal entity in the electronic environment. These certificates are acquired through Certification Authorities (CA).
Signatures made with Digital Certificate have some properties that attach security to them:
Any and all changes made to a digitally signed document is noticeable.
The digital signature has the same validity as a signature aproved by a Notary.
The signer can not deny a validated digital signature in a document.
Digital signatures are already mandatory for several types of processes.
Emissão de Nota
Fiscal Eletrônica
Transações da
Bolsa de Valores
Processo Judicial
Assinatura de
laudos médicos
Acesso ao sistema
da Receita Federal
How does Lacuna go into this process?_
Lacuna enables the use of Digital Certification technology, through modules that are integrated with clients applications.
Digital certification flow chart en
User's certificate, stored either on a cryptographic device (smartcard or token) or on the operating system
Public part of the user's certificate (.cer file)
Result of the digital signature algorithm (RSA) performed using the user's private key
Bytes to be used as input for the digital signature algorithm (RSA) performed using the user's private key
Your web application, using PKI Suite
PKI Suite side by side with your web application
Final result of the transaction
Server on which the web application with PKI Suite is installed
Document to sign
Native extension installed on the user's browser (does not require Java)
Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge
Considering this, Lacuna:_
Shortens development time
Serves public and private organizations
Black text notebook
Possible use in any language of programming
Allows large-scale digital signatures and batchs of signatures
Black check notebook
Enables the use of Digital Certification to the user
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