RestPKI Demonstration

PDF Signature with user's document

Allows the user to upload a document, sign it and have access to the signed document.

{{ uploadDocumento.nome }} ({{ uploadDocumento.size != null ? uploadDocumento.size / 1000 : 'N/D' }} KB) - {{ uploadDocumento.percentage }}%

{{ uploadDocumento.percentage }} Complete

File signed successfully!

Click here to download

{{ signedFileUrl }}

This is a demonstration sample. The signed file will be stored for the next seven days and after that it will be removed. During this period, the signature can be recovered using the code provided above. We will not access any information of the document, but be aware that we will store the signed document in our server.

Do not have a certificate? Click Here to issue a test one.

To obtain more samples, please visit our samples repository on GitHub: RestPkiSamples