WebPKI Demonstration

Recover certificates

Provides the public information contained in the certificates installed on the user's machine using JavaScript.

> Your certificates_

Do not have a certificate? Click Here to issue a test one.

> Certificate Information_

Subject Name {{selectedCert.subjectName}}
Issued Name {{selectedCert.issuerName}}
Validity Start {{ selectedCert.validityStart | date }}
Validity End {{ selectedCert.validityEnd | date }}
Certificate Type {{selectedCert.pkiBrazil.certificateType}}
CPF {{selectedCert.pkiBrazil.cpf}}
Date of Birth {{ selectedCert.pkiBrazil.dateOfBirth | date }}
Responsável {{selectedCert.pkiBrazil.responsavel}}
CNPJ {{selectedCert.pkiBrazil.cnpj}}
Key Usage
    CRL Sign
    Data Encipherment
    Decipher Only
    Digital signature
    Encipher Only
    Key Agreement
    Certificate Signature
    Key Encipherment
    Non Repudiation
Thumbprint {{selectedCert.thumbprint}}

> Code sample_

pki.listCertificates().success(function (certs) {
    var select = $('#certificateSelect');
    $.each(certs, function () {
        select.append($('<option>').val(this.thumbprint).text(this.subjectName + ' (issued by ' + this.issuerName + ')'));