WebPKI Demonstration

Sign PDF with local signature plugin

Sign a batch of files directly in the browser. It does not depend on the server to perform any part of the subscription.

Select the PDFs to be signed

{{ files.length }} selected files

Choose one of the options of signature positioning

Choose the options of the signature mark positioning

Choose a certificate

Do not have a certificate? Click Here to issue a test one.

> Code sample_

var file = null;
    dialogTitle: 'Select the PDFs to be signed'
}).success(function(result) {
    if (!result.userCancelled) {
        file = result.files[0];

    fileId: file.id,
    output: {
        mode: 'autoSave',
        fileNameSuffix: '-signed',
    certificateThumbprint: $('certificateSelect').val(),
    policy: 'basic',                                              
    // ICP-Brasil
    trustArbitrators: [ pki.standardTrustArbitrators.pkiBrazil ]
}).success(function(result) {
    if (result.isValid) {
        file.signatureInfo = result.signatureInfo;
}).error(function(e) {
    file.error = e;