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Lacuna Blockchain is a transparent and verifiable system that changes the way people share values, information and data.
Using Smart Contracts, it is configurable to the needs of the customer and can be adapted to various use cases.
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Lacuna has developed for the Notary College of Brazil a private blockchain solution for inserting document metadata into blocks using Hyperledger technology.

In the Notarchain network, each registry office pertaining to the network is a blockchain node. Only tokens can be nodes of the network and the whole process of accrediting a node is done using Digital Certification.

The documents are inserted in the blocks and validated by the nodes. Authentication on the blocks ensures the validity and integrity of the documents as well as the guarantee that the document existed on the date it was inserted in the block.

After authentication in the blockchain, a term is generated with the information that is contained in the metadata inserted in the blockchain.


For the Certisign Signature Portal, Lacuna has developed a solution for insertion of digital signature metadata into the public blockchain of the crypto coin Ethereum.

The solution generates a report with all the necessary information so that anyone can verify that the signed signatures were valid at the time the metadata was inserted in the block. This adds the signature an extra layer of validity.

At a future date, when all the certificates involved in the transaction are already expired, including the Root CA certificate, it will still be possible to make sure that the signature was valid on the date it was entered in the block, since the Ethereum are spread by us all over the world.

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